Covid-19 Folder

The IAST scientific community is quickly mobilized to bring its point of view on the social consequences of Covid-19. Indeed, the Covid-19 pandemic and the global containment experienced by the population raise new social issues that urgently need further analysis.

On this page, IAST has gathered on all the social sciences, including political science, sociology, health policy, social policy, psychology and behavioural sciences to guide and support these policy responses.


Research Papers

"Public and private incentives for self-protection", Nicolas Treich and François Salanié, TSE Working Paper, n° 20-1090, April 2020."

"Competition, Open Social Democracy, and the COVID-19 Pandemic", Marcel Boyer, Concurrences Review n°2, Competition Law review

"Comparative Experimental Evidence on Compliance with Social Distancing During the Covid-19 Pandemic", Michael Becher (Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse), Daniel Stegmueller (Duke University - Department of Political Science), Sylvain Brouard (Sciences Po - Center for Political Research), Eric Kerrouche (Sciences Po - Center for Political Research), July 14, 2020. Available at SSRN: or

Research Projects

Covid-19 Pandemic Project

TSE/IAST workshop on “Covid-19 & Economics”

This weekly workshop gathers researchers from TSE and IAST interested by or working on any topics related to the Covid-19 pandemic. It allows researchers (from our community but also outside of our community) to present on-going research, projects under development or already funded, as well as preliminary ideas and findings related to the pandemic. The workshop is transversal by nature and informal.


Other IAST Alumni Projects

Below, the work of our former researchers around the globe who are contributing their expertise to a better understanding of the virus and its impact on society.

Jordanna Matlon has joined the editorial board of Corona Times Blog - A HUMA (Institute for Humanities in Africa at the University of Cape Town, South Africa) Public Engagement Project.

Jen Schradie is the chief of a qualitative project to combat gender inequality funded by the ANR.


Some impact of the covid on global warming (video in French)