Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it necessary to speak French fluently?
No, ability to speak French isn't necessary; the entire IAST-TSE community speaks English.
  • Do I have to be a French or EU citizen to apply for the different positions?
No, there are no nationality restrictions.
  • Am I eligible for the Research Fellow (postdoctoral) position given my degree completion date?
Eligible Research Fellow candidates are active researchers who have or will have completed their PhD after December 2019 and before September 2023.
  • If my PhD completion date is earlier than December 2019, what reasons can I give for applying for a Research Fellowship?
In general we prefer to appoint candidates who have not previously held a postdoctoral appointment. However, we are willing to consider cases where an IAST Research Fellowship would be a good complement to the work undertaken in a previous postdoctoral appointment. Please be explicit about this in your cover letter.
  • What should I include in my CV? Could you provide me with a template?
In your CV, you should include your academic background, your former positions, your publications and any other information you think relevant. We don’t provide a template.
  • What should I include in my cover letter? Could you provide me with a template?
In your cover letter, you should include information which shows your motivation and strengths. You should not only focus on your past work, but also highlight your future research plans. We don’t provide a template.
  • Can my referees send their letters of recommendation directly by email?
The referees should upload their letters of recommendation (only pdf) using the link which has been sent directly to them by email. There is no page limit.​ 
  • May I write all my application material in French?
No, use English.
  • To whom should I address my cover letter?
The cover letter can be addressed to the IAST Director, Ingela Alger.
  • Can I submit a working paper or unpublished paper as a writing sample?
You have to provide us with writing samples which best represent your work. They can be published (ideal) or unpublished papers.
  • What is the deadline for my referees to upload their letters of recommendation ?
The deadline is 30th November.
  • Can I send my application directly by email ?
No, we can’t accept applications by email. Please use only the application form using the link on the IAST website. Applications sent by email will not be considered.
  • I have technical problems with uploading documents
Only PDF files can be uploaded.
  • Is my research relevant to what is expected at IAST?
We encourage researchers who are working on interdisciplinary topics to apply. Our recruitment committee will then decide the relevance of your research to the IAST vision. Please don't send an email asking if you research topics are relevant.
  • I have a PhD in .... or my current research focuses on .... do you think I can submit my application ?
We cannot answer this in advance. Please apply to the position online, and then our recruitment committee will be able to evaluate your dossier.​
  • How much is the salary? Do you offer moving allowances or any additional benefits?
These are questions that are discussed in detail with successful applicants before the details of their offer are finalized. However, we try our best to be as flexible and helpful as we can towards scholars to whom we are able to offer a position.
  • Is there a teaching requirement for Research Fellows?
This is a question that is discussed in detail with successful applicants before the details of their offer are finalized.
  • How many Research Fellowships are available?
There is no fixed number of appointments; it will depend on how many suitable candidates we have.​