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Imagined by TSE Honorary Chairman and Nobel laureate Jean Tirole, the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse (IAST) was created in 2011 thanks to support from the French government.

As part of its €57 billion 'Investments for the Future' program, prominently dedicated to research and higher education, the French government launched in 2010 an ambitious and extensive tender for applications to select the most promising research clusters and units, also known as the laboratories of excellence (LABEX = laboratoires d’excellence). The tender resulted in the award of 171 multi-year LABEX across all disciplines, selected by an international jury. LABEX IAST was awarded in 2011 with a €25 million funding commitment over 9 years, the third largest among the 100 grants in the first wave of LABEX grants.

The LABEX was renewed and extended to 2028, within the EUR (École Universitaire de Recherche) CHESS.



Initially located in the Manufacture des Tabacs, the community of researchers and staff of Toulouse School of Economics and IAST moved into a brand new building in November 2019.
Dedicated to this community, this new building is also dedicated to research with the specificity, provided by IAST, of developing the economy for the common good and multidisciplinarity.
The University Toulouse Capitole was the prime contractor for the  construction of this building---the first time a university has led the project management of a construction site within the framework of a State-Regional Planning Contract (CEPR).
The Irish firm "Grafton Architects" designed a building open to the city that blends perfectly into the historic heritage environment of Toulouse.
“What we try to do in our work is to be aware of the various levels of citizenship and try to find an architecture that deals with overlap, that heightens your relationship to one another. Toulouse School of Economics features brick buttresses, ramps and courtyards, which are metaphors for the city filled with bridges, walls, promenades and stone towers.” Yvonne Farrell
Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, the architects of the new building, won the 2020 Pritzker Architecture Prize which is often described as architecture's Nobel Prize: https://www.pritzkerprize.com. The building has also generated several other prizes, including the prestigious Equerre d’Argent in 2020.



Numbers :

  • Height: 24m
  • 3000 m2 ground clearance
  • 8 levels
  • 277 offices
  • 6 auditoriums
  • numerous meeting rooms
  • an experimental lab


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There are three components underlying our ethics policies: 1) research ethics for working with human subjects; 2) researcher code of ethics; and 3) harassment policy.


With the aim of ensuring the maintenance of high standards in all research involving human subjects, TSE and IAST have established two research ethics committees (see below). These committees operate independently of each other; they each review separate proposals from institutional members of all scientific activities involving human subjects.


​1) TSE Research Ethics Committee for Experimental Research (chair: Roberta Dessi)

This committee reviews ethics approval applications for laboratory and online experiments by TSE researchers, as well as any other researchers using the TSE Experimental Laboratory (facilities, subject pool, recruitment system, etc.).
This committee also reviews applications by IAST researchers when the research project is in the field of experimental economics.
For information or to submit an application, please contact the chair, Roberta Dessi (roberta.dessi@tse-fr.eu).​

2) TSE-IAST Review Board for Ethical Standards in Research (chair: Jonathan Stieglitz)

This committee reviews ethics approval applications for studies entailing fieldwork (including observational fieldwork and lab-in-the-field experiments), or for IAST researchers wishing to conduct experiments in disciplines other than economics.

For information or to submit an application​, please contact the chair, Jonathan Stieglitz (jonathan.stieglitz@iast.fr).​

Ethical Board charter: TSE IAST Ethics Charter

Application: TSE IAST Ethics Application

TSE Ethical rules for the conduct of experiments

Code of ethics

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Harassment Policy

The Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) and the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse (IAST) are dedicated to ensuring the dignity of all of their members (researchers, staff, and students alike) as well as of their visitors.








Read the full text of the anti-harassment charter