COVID-19 Pandemic project

April 15, 2020 Research

In the context of the Flash Covid-19 call aimed at mobilizing the scientific communities in response to the development of the epidemic, the ANR has selected 86 research projects for immediate funding, covering a large number of issues related to the crisis. The budget for this call has been significantly increased to €14.5 M thanks to the emergency fund allocated by the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI) and the support of funding partners. In view of the evolving situation, the call will remain open with a new RA-Covid-19 call to respond to urgent needs for action research.


Michael Becher (IAST, University of Toulouse 1), Sylvain Brouard (Sciences Po, CEVIPOF), Martial Foucault (Sciences Po, CEVIPOF) and Pavlos Vasilopoulos (University of York and CEVIPOF) are coordinating the Citizens’ Attitudes Under the COVID-19 Pandemic project. At different stages, they will all be involved in ensuring the success and relevance of the project for all those with responsibility for handling the COVID pandemic. Participation will be open to academics, institutions, and public or private organizations.

Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic and the massive challenge it entails for global health and economics, it is imperative that the social sciences be mobilized to measure, analyze and explain ordinary people’s perceptions of and behavioral reactions to the disease caused by the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). It is equally essential that attitudes towards policies on a number of issues – health, the economy, civil liberties – and towards governments and institutions be investigated and documented.

The project will investigate representations, attitudes and reactions among the general public in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic in a number of countries exposed to the coronavirus. Contrary to conventional research projects, this proposal will be implemented over a short period of time and offer relevant and immediate deliverables for academics and public decision-makers.


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