Social Evolution

Explaining the evolution of cooperation is a fundamental goal of the evolutionary human sciences. The Social Evolution team aims to provide a natural forum for discussion and collaboration on topics related to the (genetic or cultural) evolution of social behaviors in general and of large-scale human cooperation in particular. Our research takes an interdisciplinary approach, bridging insights from evolutionary biology, economics, anthropology, and psychology while drawing on a variety of methodologies, including theoretical models, experiments, and ethnographic research.

Full members:

Piret Avila
Péter Bayer
Olympia Campbell
Léo Fitouchi
Haneul Jang
Jorge Peña (Team Leader)
Ilaria Pretelli
Cécile Sarabian
Ali Seyhun Saral
Minhua Yan

Associate member:

Catherine Molho, Assistant Professor in Social Psychology at VU Amsterdam

Occasional members:

Ingela Alger
Maxime Derex