Interdisciplinary Workshop on Identity and Politics

May 15–16, 2024

Toulouse, TSE/IAST Building


The Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse (IAST) will be hosting an Interdisciplinary Workshop on Identity and Politics. This workshop is organized by the IAST Research Team on Leadership, Power, and Inequality (LPI).


Across the globe, political competition is increasingly framed around group identities. Nationalist and populist movements are on the rise; political parties seek to shape electorates along social or cultural cleavages. Beyond electoral arenas, group identities also gain more and more importance. But how do group identities become salient in the first place? What are the consequences of political interactions shaped by group identities?

This workshop brings together perspectives on group identity and politics from political science, psychology, economics, sociology, and cognitive science. It revolves around two main themes: the construction and formation of group identity as an outcome of political processes and the effects of group identity on political interactions and outcomes.



Sabina Čelhajić-Clancy, Stockholm University

Aleksandra Cichocka, University of Kent

Mina Cikara, Harvard University

Andreas Flache, University of Groningen

Andreas Kotsadam, University of Oslo

Matthew Levendusky, University of Pennsylvania

Carl Mueller-Crepon, London School of Economics

Alexandra Scacco, WZB Berlin

Paul Smaldino, University of California Merced

Guido Tabellini, Bocconi University

Matthias vom Hau, Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals

Lauren Young, UC Davis


Organizers: Felix Dwinger, Giacomo Lemoli & Marijn Keijzer


Location: Toulouse School of Economics (Auditorium 3)

Dates: May 15-16, 2024

Registration: Registration is required to attend the workshop. Online registration is open until April 30, 2024.


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This event is funded by a French government subsidy managed by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche under the framework of the investissements d'avenir programme reference ANR-17-EURE-0010.



Interdisciplinary Workshop on Identity and Politics, Toulouse, TSE/IAST Building, May 15–16, 2024.