The IAST Distinguished Lectures

The IAST Distinguished lecture series ran from 2013 to 2020, bringing the brightest international minds to Toulouse to discuss the most profound questions in 21st century science and society in front of a wide public audience.







Distinguished Lecture by Professor Sam Fleischacker of the University of Illinois at Chicago, with the title "'Prejudices of the Imagination': What Adam Smith Added to the Enlightenment Project." This took place on Wednesday 22nd November at 5 pm in Auditorium A3.

Thème 2020: Power

Cancelled due to epidemic COVID-19


Stephen Greenblatt is an American Shakespearean, literary historian, and author. He has served as the John Cogan University Professor of the Humanities at Harvard University since 2000.

Harvard Faculty Profile

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Theme 2018 « Identity »



Lecture 3

Professor Rohini Pande is an Indian economist and the Rafik Hariri Professor of International Political Economy at Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Governement

"Identity, norms and women’s work"

Dr Pande talked about the evolution of Female Labor force Participation (LFP) in India and the pervasive role of social norms in suppressing female LFP. She will argue the need to recognize equity and justice considerations in designing policies. Looking forward to the 2019 Indian elections, she will finally discuss potential policy innovations using examples from within India and abroad. 



Lecture 2

Kamel Daoud est né à Mostaganem en 1970, et a grandi dans un petit village de l’ouest algérien. Il vit à Oran. Journaliste depuis le début des années 1990, notamment dans Le Quotidien d’Oran dont il a été longtemps rédacteur en chef et chroniqueur, il est également l’auteur de plusieurs romans dont "Meursault, contre-enquête" (actes Sud, 2014, Prix Goncourt du premier roman) traduit en 35 langues.

"Que faire de l'identité et des identitaires?"

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Lecture 1

Professor Glenn Cartman Loury is an American economist, academic, author and Merton P. Stoltz Professor of the Social Sciences and Professor of Economics at Brown University.

"Identity and Racial Inequality"

Professor Loury talked about racial segregation in social networks and the dynamics of inequality between social groups. He explored the personal dilemmas, opportunities and challenges faced by an academic economist to affirm his intellectual integrity while laboring to advance the interests of "his people."


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Theme 2017 "Judgment"

Amphitheater Cujas (n.1 on the map): Acces Map

Third Lecture: Suzannah Lipscombfrom Roehampton University, talked on "Passing God’s Judgment: The Reformed Church and Women in 16th Century Languedoc".


Second Lecture: Nicola Laceyfrom London School of Economics, talked on "The Gender of Crime".


First Lecture: Eldar Shafirfrom Princeton University, talked on "Intuitive Judgment in Public Policy".

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Theme 2016 "Narrative"

Amphitheater Cujas (n.1 on the map): Acces Map

Robert Shiller Rebecca Stott Brian Boyd

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