Other Research Areas


Four of the disciplines in which IAST researchers are trained do not have their own programs at IAST: economics, mathematics, philosophy and sociology. In the case of economics this is because there is already a great deal of research activity at the Toulouse School of Economics, with which many of our researchers are affiliated, and it would be redundant to create a separate IAST economics program. All IAST researchers who are trained in economics have also shown a sustained interest in at least one of the other disciplines represented at IAST, and we look for evidence of such interest in applicants for our research positions at all levels. In the case of the other disciplines, research activity has begun but remains at this stage below the critical mass needed to establish a program. Researchers with a Ph.D. in mathematics, philosophy and sociology are welcome to apply to our Visiting Fellowship and Research Fellowship positions. A proven interest in at least one of the other IAST disciplines will normally be a requirement for recruitment, and our existing Fellows in these areas all interact significantly with these other areas.