The Effect of Sustained Transparency on Electoral Accountability

Kristin Michelitch, Guy Grossman, and Carlo Prato


We are grateful to the Democratic Governance Facility for its generous funding of the ACODE intervention and research components. Kristin Michelitch is grateful to the Carnegie Corporation of New York for additional financial support and funding from the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche (under the Investissement d'Avenir programme, ANR-17-EURE-0010) and the Laffont Foundation is gratefully acknowledged. Guy Grossman is grateful for Penn SAS's generous support through the Global Inquiries grant mechanism. We thank Frédéric Cochinard, Shuning Ge, Christine Goldrick, Ana Garcia Hernandez, Austin Walker, Areum Han, and Maximilian Seunik for invaluable research assistance. This project would not have been possible without our ACODE team partners, especially Godber Tumushabe, Arthur Bainomugisha, Eugene Ssemakula, Lillian Tamale, Phoebe Atakunda, Naomi Kabarungi, and Naomi Asimo. We received valuable feedback from EGAP, CAPERS, WPSA, the Formal Theory Virtual Seminar, Vanderbilt University, European Union Institute, University of Houston, and the Institute of Advanced Study in Toulouse (Toulouse School of Economics), as well as from Sandy Gordon, Alan Wiseman, Guillermo Toral, Dmitri Landa, Brad Smith, John Marshall, Giovanna Invernizzi, Annabelle Wittels, and Belinda Archibong. This project received research permits from Uganda's National Council for Science and Technology and the President's office, as well as IRB clearance from Innovation for Poverty Action. We preregistered our analysis plan at EGAP. The Supplemental Information ( SI) includes a list of adaptations from the original plan.

Published in

American Journal of Political Science, 2024, forthcoming