Call for Applications

“IAST/TSE-WZB Research-in-Pairs Programme”

We are pleased to announce the third and, for now, final call for applications for the "IAST/TSE-WZB Research-in-Pairs programme". The programme is implemented jointly by the Institute for Advanced Study (IAST) at the Toulouse School of Economics and the WZB and is open to both junior and senior researchers (doctoral and postdoc).

The programme encompasses all thematic interests covered by the IAST, many of which match research interests at the WZB. These thematic interests are:

  • Individual Motives, Actions, Innovation and Well Being
  • Individuals and Social Networks
  • Society, Globalization and Public Policy
  • The Nation State and Global Public Goods
  • Governance and Markets

Successful applicants will receive funding for up to three months, which must be divided between Toulouse and Berlin. Residencies should take place between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016.

Aim of the programme The costs of up to two pairs of researchers (each pair being composed of one scientist from the IAST/TSE and one from the WZB), who will get together to work on a joint project or on a feasibility study for a new project, will be financed for a period of up to three months. This period must be divided between Toulouse and Berlin and in no more than four periods. In order to identify possible partners, both the IAST and the WZB encourage their researchers to consult the websites of the respective partner institution and contact people who might potentially be interesting for – and interested in – a joint project.

Funding The IAST/TSE and the WZB will provide funding for travel, accommodation and reasonable research expenditure (where required). In practical terms, this means that the WZB will finance the costs of its researchers travelling to Toulouse (in line with the Federal Travel Expenses Act, BRKG), with the IAST/TSE covering the costs of their researchers coming to Berlin.

Applications Applications can be submitted by all researchers – both junior and senior – who are employed at the WZB and the IAST. To apply, please submit your applications – preferably as a single PDF file – in English. Your application should include the following documents:

  • CVs of researchers from both institutions who are interested in pairing up
  • Joint letter of motivation, including preferred timing (1-2 pages)
  • Joint project proposal (2-3 pages)

Please submit your applications via email to Mr. Thomas Crowe, Officer for Research and Career Development at the WZB (, and Ms. Delphine Poults, Executive Assistant at the IAST (

This call for application is now closed.

The WZB Berlin Social Science Center (photo: Andreas Bliemeister)

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