• Congratulations to Sean Bottomley

    His book: "The British Patent System during the Industrial Revolution 1700–1852" wins the Economic History Society's First Monograph Prize: http://www.ehs.org.uk/t
  • "Les chiffres frappants de l'ubérisation"

    An article in french, published by Paul Seabright, IAST director. Read the article

  • Trumpism as a Transatlantic Phenomenom

    An article on The American Prospect co-written by IAST Research Fellow Charlotte Cavaillé. Read the article

  • Mapping female bodily features of attractiveness

    “Beauty is bought by judgement of the eye” (Shakespeare, Love’s Labour’s Lost), but the bodily features governing this critical biological choice are still debated. Read the article by Jeanne

IAST Newcomer

Jeanne Bovet

Jeanne Bovet is a Biologist specialized in Evolutionary Biology. She recently write "Mapping female bodily features of attractiveness".


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