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Frans de Waal, 1er intervenant des Distinguished Lectures, était l'invité de l'émission Un monde d'idées en novembre 2013. Réécouter l'émission.
Frans de Waal is the first lecturer of the new serie of Distinguished Lectures. He teaches ethology at Emory University in Atlanta. To know more about his work, a selection of books.
We are delighted to announce the appointment in septembre 2014 of IAST's new comers.





Heidi Colleran


Dominik Duell

(political science)

Boris Van Leeuwen

(experimental economics)


Newcomer Mini Workshops on September 11 and 18

Upcoming event

Theme for the Distinguished Lectures 2014: Political Motivation

  Sept 25: Frans de Waal, primatologist, from Emory University

  Nov 20: John Aldrich, political scientist, from Duke University

  Dec 4: Elisabeth Wood, political scientist, from Yale University


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