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The Mosque Nearby: Visible Minorities and Far-Right Support in France

Margot Dazey, and Victor Gay


How is support for right-wing populist parties affected by exposure to Muslim visibility? Using an original database on French mosques, this article analyzes the relationship between the presence of mosques and support for the Front National at the polling station level in the late 2000s. It finds that the propensity to vote for the Front National increases in polling stations up to intermediate distances from mosques and then decreases, suggesting a spatial mechanism known as the halo effect. The analysis also shows that larger mosques and those with minarets are associated with an accentuated halo effect, suggesting the importance of the salience of minority groups rather than their relative size in influencing political behavior.


Radical right; mosque; immigration; France; halo effect;

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IAST Working Paper, n. 24-164, July 2024