Marcel Boyer

Marcel Boyer

Professor Emeritus, Dpt Economics, CIRANO, Montréal

Marcel Boyer, and Maria Kouyoumijian, Water on Wall Street, 2021, 200 pages, forthcoming.

Marcel Boyer, Competition, Open Social Democracy, and the COVID-19 Pandemic, Concurrences Review, n. 2: “Competition Law review, May 2020, pp. 33–38.

Marcel Boyer, The competitive market value of copyright in music: a digital gordian knot, Canadian Public Policy, vol. 44, n. 4, December 2018, pp. 411–422.

Marcel Boyer, and Rachidi Kotchoni, How Much Do Cartels Overcharge?, Review of Industrial Organization, vol. 47, n. 2, September 2015, pp. 119–153.


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