Adrien Blanchet

Adrien Blanchet

Assistant professor, TSE

Research interests

Calculus of variation
Economic theory
Interactions with biology and physics


Adrien Blanchet is a lecturer in applied mathematics at the TSE Department of Mathematics since 2008. He is an affiliated faculty at IAST. He is the researcher representative on the IAST Executive Committee. His mathematical background is centred around partial differential equations, calculus of variations and optimal transport. Since his arrival at TSE he has developed his knowledge in game theory, evolutionary games and optimisation. His current research aims at developing mathematical models, partly with applications in economics, biology and social sciences. He has adopted a truly interdisciplinary method to his research. He has focused on elaborating a research style that structures and reinforces the research, bringing relevance through the applications, which then allows for a thorough theoretical analysis. He collaborates with mathematicians from different fields, economists, biologists and interacts with other social sciences. His works are mainly devoted to the understanding of emergence phenomena, optimal transport theory and applications, non-atomic anonymous (Mean-fields) games, rank and evolutionary games. From his interdisciplinary interactions, he gathers and develops fascinating applied questions (collective intelligence, cooperation, altruism, reciprocity, multilevel selection, etc.). He has a general reflection on the methods (new ways of approaching questions, pre-registered research, evolutionary approach, behaviour versus preferences modelling, etc.). When interacting with students or colleagues from other areas, he enjoys making complex mathematical concepts understandable to someone who is not familiar with the technicalities. When teaching, he tries to convey the beauty of mathematical concepts and even the joy that students can have in playing in the world of mathematics. He is open to any request to intervene in the media or in scientific events aimed at the general public and in particular at high school students.


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