Boris Van Leeuwen

Boris Van Leeuwen

Former Research Fellow


Tel    +33 (0)5 61 63 57 83
Office    MS 209

full cv and publications

Publications on IAST Themes

Article in a working paper series
"Authority and Centrality: Power and Cooperation in Social Dilemma Networks", IAST working paper, n. 15-23.
(with Abhijit Ramalingam, David Rojo Arjona and Arthur Schram)
"Competition for status creates superstars: An experiment on public good provision and network formation", IAST working paper, n. 14-16.
(with Theo Offerman and Arthur Schram)
"Predictably angry: Facial cues provide a credible signal of destructive behavior", IAST working paper, n. 14-15.
(with Charles N. Noussair, Theo Offerman, Sigrid Suetens, Jeroen Van de Ven and Matthijs Van Veelen)
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