The Center for Analytical Political Science (CAPS) was created in September 2014 and is supported by the Meyer Family. Michael Becher is currently in charge of the program.

The center promotes interdisciplinary, analytical and quantitative research in political economy and political science and aims at establishing itself as a leading center in continental Europe, alongside an extensive international network.

The group of scholars comes from political science, economics, history and other fields within the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse (IAST) and the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) to study fundamental questions about politics. Central topics include the functioning of democracy and authoritarian regimes, origins and effects of political institutions, mass attitudes and political behavior, and the inter-relationship between political competition, economic policy and economic development. Contemporary and historical cases are studied using a variety of approaches, such as formal theory, experiments (in the field and in the lab), as well as the careful collection and analysis of observational data.


CAPS brings together researchers from TSE and IAST, including IAST research fellows with PhDs from leading centers in political science.


Emmanuelle Auriol (PhD UT1, IAST-TSE)

David Austen-Smith (PhD Cambridge University, Northwestern University, IAST long-term visitor)

Jean-Paul Azam (PhD LSE, IAST-TSE)

Michael Becher (PhD Princeton, IAST-UT1)

Sylvain Chabé-Ferret (PhD Université d'Auvergne (CERDI), IAST-TSE)

Vessela Daskalova (PhD Queen Mary University of London, IAST)

Raymond Duch (PhD Oxford University, IAST long-term visitor)

Victor Gay (PhD Chicago, IAST-TSE)

Michel Le Breton (PhD University Rennes I, TSE)

Pepita Miquel-Florensa (PhD Colombia University, IAST-TSE)

Saurabh Pant (PhD Princeton, IAST)

Leah Rosenzweig (PhD MIT)

François Salanié (PhD UT1, IAST-TSE)

Mohamed Saleh (PhD University of Southern California, IAST-TSE (with interest in political economy))

Paul Seabright (IAST-TSE)

Stéphane Straub (PhD UT1, IAST-TSE)

Jean Tirole (PhD MIT, IAST-TSE)

Karine Van der Straeten (Phd Ecole Polytechnique, IAST-TSE)

We are proud to build a strong network of former IAST research fellows who have now joined renowned centers in political science across Europe and in the US.

Charlotte Cavaillé

PhD Harvard,

2014-2016 IAST Research Fellow,

Assistant professor Georgetown University

Dominik Duell

PhD New York University,

2014-2016 IAST Research Fellow,

Lecturer University of Essex

Carlo Horz

PhD New York University,

2017-2019 IAST Research Fellow

Jonathan Klingler

PhD Rochester,

2013-2016 IAST Research Fellow,

Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Political Science, Vanderbilt University

Patrick Le Bihan

PhD New York University,

2013-2016 IAST Research Fellow,

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Sciences Po Paris

Irene Menendez

Phd Oxford University,

2017-2018 IAST Research Fellow, leaving us in August for a position of Assistant Professor at the University of Mannheim

Vittorio Merola

PhD Ohio State,

2016-2018 IAST Research Fellow, leaving us in August for position of Assistant Professor at Stony Brook University in New York

Lucas Novaes

PhD Berkeley,

2016-2018 IAST Research Fellow

Hannah Simpson

PhD New-York University,

2017-2019 IAST Research Fellow

Carlos Velasco

PhD Princeton,

2016-2018 IAST Research Fellow, position at Facebook

    CAPS hosts seminars, conferences and provides fundings for visitors’ and research fellow programs. It encourages exchanges and research by building bridges between European and international scientists.




    CAPS currently organizes joint seminars with the Development, Labor and Public Policy (DLPP) seminar at TSE. Up to July 2015, monthly seminars invited international scholars in political science and political economy. In 2016 onward, this series was merged with the IAST general weekly seminar.

    Visitor Programme

    We have an active visitor's Programme [apply here]

    We have been delighted to welcome over the past few years researchers such as Deborah Beim and John Romer (Yale), Tom Clark (Emory University), Thomas Romer and Howard Rosenthal (Princeton), Eric Dickson and Rebecca Morton (NYU), among others.


    - “CAPS off to political science!” in IAST CONNECT 5th issue, 2014, interview with Karine Van Der Straten (2014-2018 CAPS programme director). Read the article.

    - "A word from Rebbecca B. Morton, NYU"

    CAPS is a founding member of the European Political Economy Consortium (EPEC).

    EPEC is an informal network created to foster exchanges and scientific interactions between Europe-based researchers sharing a common interest in political economy/analytical political science.

    [Access the website]

    The five founding institutions are Bocconi University, CAPS-IAST, the London School of Economics, the University of Mannheim, and the University of Warwick.