6th IAST/TSE Conference in Political Science and Political Economy

March 14–15, 2019



List of communications:

Leah Rosenzweig (IAST): "Social Voting in Semi-Authoritarian Systems"

Rocío Titiunik (UMichigan): "Parties as Disciplinarians: The Electoral Strategies of Centrist Parties" (with James Hollyer and Marko Klašnja)

Maria Carreri (Northwestern & UC San Diego): "Can Good Politicians Compensate for Bad Institutions? Evidence from an Original Survey of Italian Mayors"

Andrew T. Little (UC Berkeley): "The Distortion of Related Beliefs"

Jennifer Gandhi (Emory): "Committed or Conditional Democrats? Opposition Dynamics in Electoral Autocracies(with Elvin Ong)

Milan Svolik (Yale): "Democracy in America? Partisanship, Polarization, and the Robustness of Support for Democracy in the United States(with Matthew Graham)

Michael Becher (IAST & UT1): "Accountability Beyond Outcomes: Experimental Evidence on Voters and Executive Performance"(with Sylvain Brouard)

Francesc Amat (IPERG-UBarcelona): "Inequality, Immigration and Party Strategies(with Hector Galindo-Silva)


6th IAST/TSE Conference in Political Science and Political Economy: Information, Institutions, and Accountability, Toulouse, March 14–15, 2019.

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