Optimism leads to optimal social networks & Game theory and cancer

Peter Bayer (Toulouse School of Economics)

November 3, 2020, 14:00–15:00


Room Zoom Meeting


This talk will be about two topics. The first is about a recent paper in which we investigate the role of optimism in the formation of social networks. Standard solutions game theory such as the Nash equilibria include highly underconnected and inefficient networks. One key stumbling block is that these solutions are based on the reactive concept of the ‘’best response’‘: the players’ proactivity in seeking out good connections is not accounted for. We resolve this issue by introducing player optimism. Optimistic players make more linking offers than best-responders and they only accept good linking offers made by others. However, high player optimism has its own inefficiencies as players may be locked in trying to make linking offers to opponents who can’t or won’t accept these offers.

Dr. Peter Bayer is a Postdoctoral researcher at TSE & IAST and is an economic theorist, with a primary focus on games played on networks and has published research in the application of game theory in cancer.


Peter Bayer (Toulouse School of Economics), Optimism leads to optimal social networks & Game theory and cancer, IAST Lunch Seminar, Toulouse: IAST, November 3, 2020, 14:00–15:00, room Zoom Meeting.