A joint initiative on music in human societies

We are pleased to launch in fall 2017 a joint initiative between IAST and the Fondation Royaumont.

The Fondation Royaumont was founded in 1964 and in the more than half century of its existence has sponsored research and training in music as well as in the human sciences.

Our institutions are collaborating on a preliminary program of research in music and its relation to human societies, designed to bring together experts in music and its history and prehistory, as well as anthropologists and economic historians. There are two parts to this program: one focusing on the origins of music in non-state societies, and one on the socio-economic conditions for the creation of music in traditional historical and modern societies.

Each part of the program will be launched with a workshop in Royaumont. The first workshop, on the origins of music in non-state societies, is taking place on Thursday, December 14th to Saturday, December 16th 2017. Enquiries: theoriginsofmusic.conf@iast.fr