Eco-evolutionary dynamics: from cells to societies

Chaitanya Gokhale (Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Biology)

20 octobre 2020, 14h00–15h00


Salle Zoom Meeting


Evolution proceeding at ecological timescales is a reality. A full understanding of biological phenomena is then possible only by studying the entire eco-evolutionary trajectory of the system, from cells to societies. Research in our group spans the scales of organisation as well as the translational axis, from fundamental theory development to application-oriented investigations. Encompassing the work of our group members I will describe from how sequence-populations eke out an existence inside genomes to evolutionary game(s) theory to the sustainable management of anthropogenic activities such as intensive agriculture and gene-drive. Hopefully, given the diversity of topics, parts of the talk will likely resonate with most, leading to further engaging conversations.


Chaitanya Gokhale (Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Biology), « Eco-evolutionary dynamics: from cells to societies », IAST Lunch Seminar, Toulouse : IAST, 20 octobre 2020, 14h00–15h00, salle Zoom Meeting.