Identity, self-continuity and time preferences

Fabrice Etilé (PSE-INRA)

5 avril 2019, 11h30–12h30


Salle MF 323


Research in psychology and behavioural sciences has produced evidence that individual identity is central for the formation of time preferences. However, the question of whether all aspects of identity contribute equally remains an open one. Individual identity - their response to the question "Who are you?" - refers to different aspects of the self that can be classified as personal (differentiating oneself from others), relational (related to interpersonal attachments) and collective (related to social-group membership). We take an experimental approach and carry out three tests of whether the personal and relational aspects of identity contribute equally to perceptions of future self-continuity and monetary time-discounting. Self-continuity rises and monetary discounting falls when relational identity is made salient, whereas making personal identity salient has no significant effect. We conclude as to the primacy of relational over personal identity for the formation of time preferences.


Fabrice Etilé (PSE-INRA), « Identity, self-continuity and time preferences », IAST General Seminar, Toulouse : IAST, 5 avril 2019, 11h30–12h30, salle MF 323.