Re-election, Political Selection, and Development

Miriam Golden (UCLA)

30 novembre 2018, 11h30–12h30


Salle MF 323


We assemble original data from 129 countries around the world on the re-election rates of national legislators in recent elections. The data show that incumbent re-election rates increase substantially with a country's level of economic development. Using a political agency model with endogenous entry to interpret this pattern, we argue that as a country develops, the pool of politicians improves. This occurs because better candidates enter the political arena. We use empirical methods to explore mechanisms that could account for the pattern in political entry that we identify.


Miriam Golden (UCLA), « Re-election, Political Selection, and Development », IAST General Seminar, Toulouse : IAST, 30 novembre 2018, 11h30–12h30, salle MF 323.