The Centre for Analytical Political Science (CAPS) was created in September 2014 and is supported by the Meyer Family.
TSE-IAST researcher Karine Van Der Straeten is in charge of this programme.
CAPS is a new research centre aiming at bring together political scientists and economists to study questions at the frontier between the two disciplines. Taking advantage of the proximity of the Toulouse School of Economics and of the interdisciplinary environment of IAST, the objective of the CAPS is to promote interdisciplinary, analytical and quantative research in political economy/political science.

The project benefits from a pool of TSE researchers, accompanied by a great team of IAST research fellows with PhDs from leading centres in political science:
David Austen-Smith (Northwestern University, IAST long-term visitor),
Michael Becher (University of Konstanz, IAST-UTC starting January 2017),
Charlotte Cavaillé (Harvard-IAST),
Sylvain Chabé-Ferret (IAST-TSE),
Vessela Daskalova (PhD Queen Mary University of London, IAST),
Philippe De Donder (TSE),
Raymond Duch (Oxford University, IAST long-term visitor),
Michel Le Breton (TSE),
Vittorio Merola (IAST, PhD Ohio State),
Pepita Miquel-Florensa (IAST-TSE),
Lucas Novaes (IAST, PhD Berkeley),
François Salanié (IAST-TSE),
Paul Seabright (IAST-TSE),
Stéphane Straub (IAST-TSE),
Carlos Velasco (IAST, PhD Princeton),
Jean Tirole (IAST-TSE),
Karine Van der Straeten (IAST-TSE).
- Conferences:
April 2014: Kick-off conference on “elections and Electoral institutions”, at which Gary Cox of Stanford gave a keynote speech on electoral rules, mobilisation and turnout.
Autumn 2014: IAST Distinguished lecture series on Political Motivations.
March 2015: Conference on election behaviours, institutions and reforms, included a keynote by James Snyder of Harvard.
March 2016: Conference on “Mapping Political Preferences”, included a keynote lecture by Andrew Gelman of Columbia University
March 2017: Conference on “Assessing Democratic Institutions” , included a keynote lecture by Larry Bartels of Vanderbilt University
- Seminars:
Until July 2015, we had monthly seminars inviting international scholars in political science and political economy. From September 2016 onward, this series has been merged with the IAST general weekly seminar.
- Visitor Programme:
We have an active visitor Programme [apply]
We have been delighted to welcome over the past couple of years researchers such as Deborah Beim and John Romer (Yale), Tom Clark (Emory University), Thomas Romer and Howard Rosenthal (Princeton), Eric Dickson and Rebecca Morton (NYU), among others.

CAPS is a founding member of the European Political Economy Consortium (EPEC). [See the website:]. EPEC is an informal network created to foster exchanges and scientific interactions between Europe-based researchers sharing a common interest in political economy/analytical political science. The five founding institutions are: Bocconi University, CAPS-IAST, the London School of Economics, the Univesity of Mannheim, and Warwick.

We are also very proud to build on a strong network of former IAST research fellows who have now joined renowned centres in political science in Europe and in the US.
  • Charlotte Cavaillé (PhD Harvard, IAST Research Fellow 2014-2016, Assistant professor Georgetown University starting January 2017)
  • Dominik Duell (PhD New York University, IAST Research Fellow 2014-2016, Lecturer University of Essex 2016-)
  • Jonathan Klingler (PhD Rochester, IAST Research Fellow 2013-2016, Post-doctoral fellow Vanderbilt University 2016-)
  • Patrick Le Bihan (PhD New York University, IAST Research Fellow 2013-2016, Assistant professor Sciences Po Paris 2016-)