Disparities in bone density across contemporary Amazonian forager‐horticulturalists: Cross‐population comparison of the Tsimane and Shuar

Jonathan Stieglitz, Felicia C. Madimenos, Melissa Liebert, Tara J. Cepon-Robins, Samuel Urlacher, J. Josh Snodgrass, and Lawrence Sugiyama


This study investigates bone density across the life course among Bolivian Tsimane and Ecuadorian Shuar of Amazonia. Both groups are rural, high‐fertility forager‐horticulturalists, with high lifetime physical activity levels. We test whether Tsimane and Shuar bone density patterns are different from each other, and if both groups are characterized by lower osteoporosis risk compared to U.S. references.

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American Journal of Physical Anthropology, vol. 171, n. 1, January 2020, pp. 50–64