Board Members

Board members

President of the Executive Committee

Jean Tirole


Paul Seabright

External Relations Director

Frédéric Cherbonnier

Chief Operating Officer TSE & IAST

Joël Echevarria

Other members

Hélène Bernard (Toulouse School District), Rectrice de l'Académie de Toulouse, Government Commissioner of the Foundation Jean-Jacques Laffont-TSE

Hippolyte D'Albis (CNRS)

Daewon Kim (Samsung)

Bernard Manin (EHESS)

Corinne Mascala, President of the University of Toulouse Capitole

Mohamed Saleh (IAST), Representative of the researchers

Hélène Rey (London Business School)

Philippe Schlenker (Institut Jean Nicod)

Alban Thomas (INRA)

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