Steering Committee

Ingela Alger

Senior Researcher CNRS
Member of TSE

IAST Program Director

Professor Alger's current research consists in studying the evolutionary foundations of motivation and behavior. A major aim with this line of research is to find out how factors in the environment may affect motivation and behavior.

Roland Bénabou

Professor of Economics and Public affairs – Princeton University

Professor Bénabou’s research spans both the macroeconomic and microeconomic areas, with a special focus on behavioral economics.

Christophe Besse

Professor at the University of Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier

Patrick Bolton

Barbara and David Zalaznick Professor of Business and Professor of Economics


Alexis Chaine


His interests lie largely in understanding the evolution and dynamics of social groups by integrating knowledge of social interactions, life history strategies, selection, ecology, and population dynamics.

Jean-François Bonnefon

Director of the Cognition CLLE (Langues, Langage, Ergonomie) research center
CNRS Researcher

Professor Bonnefon’s research investigates the troika of rational mental activities: reasoning, judgment, and decision making. His research is covered in over 70 publications. In 2008, Jean-François received the Bronze Medal of the CNRS. Since 2011, he has been an associate editor of Cognition.

Frédéric Cherbonnier

IAST external relations Director
Professor (IEP Toulouse)
TSE Researcher
Member of the IDEI

Professor Cherbonnier’s current research focuses on industrial organization, contract theory and economics of uncertainty.

Eric Crubézy

Professor in Anthropo-biology at the University of Toulouse Sabatier
Director of the laboratory « Anthropologie Moléculaire et Imagerie de Synthèse »
AMIS-FRE 2960 CNRS /Toulouse III / Université de Strasbourg

His research program focuses on the interactions between genes and culture, and specifically on how data from the field of human biology sheds new light on human history, notably Holocene settlement history and the interaction man-environment.

Etienne Danchin

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Director of Research - CNRS
Director of the UMR5174 (EDB) CNRS-UPS
Co Project manager of the LABEX TULIP

Professor Danchin’s teaching and research is in the area of Behavioural Ecology, which focuses on the evolutionary study of behavior.

Eric Darras

Professor of Political Science
Institut d’Etudes Politiques, and
Director of the LASSP (Laboratoire des Sciences Sociales du Politique)

Professor Darras’ research focuses on the relation between professional politicians and the media, and on the political awareness and organization of the working class. He has recently published: “The People’s Causes. Managing the Social Staging of Popular Political Speech in Talk Shows” (2011), and  “Un Lieu de Mémoire Ouvrière: le Tuning” (2008).

Roberta Dessi

Associate Professor of Economics,
Research Associate, IDEI
Research Affiliate, CEPR (Centre for Economic Policy Research)
Research Fellow, CREMIC (Centre for Research in Microeconomics)

Professor Dessi’s interests include Behavioral and Experimental economics. Her research explores, theoretically and experimentally, a range of issues in Economics and Psychology, including the relationship between incentives, image concerns and performance; cognition of social networks; the determinants as well as consequences of self-esteem, overconfidence and emotions; memory; pro-social behavior and personality.

Chloé Farrer

CNRS Researcher

Her work investigates the neurocognitive mechanisms involved in action awareness and intention inference in healthy subjects and in patients with schizophrenia using both behavioural and brain imaging (fMRI) techniques.

Jérôme Ferret

Assistant Professor of Sociology,
Associate Member of the CADIS (EHESS-CNRS)

Astrid Hopfensitz

TSE Researcher in experimental economics
Assistant Professor in Economics
IAST Program Director

Professor Hopfensitz main research interest concerns the influence of emotions and psychological traits on economic decision making and behavior. Her research uses economic experiments and psychological methods for measuring emotions and character traits.

Jean-Marc Olivier

Professor of Modern History
Director of Framespa Laboratory

Sébastien Pouget

Professor of Finance at the University of Toulouse (IAE and TSE)
Researcher at IDEI and CRM
Director of the Master in Finance at IAE Toulouse

Professor Pouget’s research focuses on financial markets. He uses experiments as well as (behavioral) game theory in order to better understand the psychological determinants of investment behavior. Recently, he designed a new experimental set up to study the formation of speculative bubbles. Professor Pouget is also interested in the development of financial markets and the long run performance of stock investments.

Philippe Raimbault

Director of Sciences Po Toulouse (IEP)

Professor Raimbault is doctor of Public Law. 

Lucien Rapp

Professor of International Economic Law (University of Toulouse) and HEC

Lucien Rapp is a Professor of law and Agrégé des facultés de droit. 

Paul Seabright

Director of the IAST
TSE Researcher

Professor Seabright's research lies in three areas of microeconomics: industrial organization and competition policy; the economics of networks and the digital society; and behavioral economics (especially the integration of evolutionary biology and anthropology with an understanding of the development of economic institutions in the very long run).

Jean-Gabriel Sorbara

Professor, University of Toulouse 1 Capitole

Professor Sorbara 's research interests cover Property law, Public goods, Economic public law, State aids.

Jean Tirole

Scientific Director of IDEI
Chairman, Toulouse School of Economics (TSE)
Member of Executive Committee

Jean Tirole is chairman of the Foundation JJ Laffont-Toulouse School of Economics (TSE), and scientific director of the Institute for Industrial Economics (IDEI), University of Toulouse Capitole. He is also affiliated with MIT, where he holds a visiting position, the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHHESS), and with the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse (IAST), which he helped found in 2011.

Karine Van Der Straeten

CNRS Research Fellow
Member of the TSE
Member of the IDEI
IAST Program Director

Professor Van Der Straeten’s research interests cover political economy, in particular game-theoretical analysis of democratic institutions, as well as experimental and behavioral economics.  She is currently involved in the “Making Electoral Democracy Work” interdisciplinary project.

Jorgen Weibull

Professor of Economics - Stockholm School of Economics

Professor Weibull’s research interests span a broad range of topics in economics including non-cooperative and evolutionary game theory, behavioral and evolutionary economics, political economy and industrial organization theory.

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