Religion and Prosociality: New Data on Very Old Questions

Azim Shariff (University of British Columbia)

13 juin 2023, 11h30–12h30


Salle Auditorium 4 (First floor - TSE Building)


Whether and how religion contributes to moral behaviour has been a perennial question across the social sciences—and one that has stubbornly resisted compelling answers despite years of study. But those answers have been becoming clearer as our methodologies have been refined. In this talk, I will take you through the most recent chapter in this refinement. I will present the results of surveys, meta-analyses, lab experiments, and field studies testing questions of whether religious people are more prosocial, whether religion causes people to be more prosocial, and how religion affects the treatment of members of the ingroup and outgroup.


Azim Shariff (University of British Columbia), « Religion and Prosociality: New Data on Very Old Questions », IAST General Seminar, Toulouse : IAST, 13 juin 2023, 11h30–12h30, salle Auditorium 4 (First floor - TSE Building).