The Digital Society Initiative

This program of policy-oriented research outreach and public education about current and future technological innovation in the field of digital technology bring together the three world-class research institutes at the University de Toulouse-1 Capitole:
IAST (Institute for Advanced Studies in Toulouse)
TSE (Toulouse School of Economics)
IDEI (Institut d'Economie Industrielle)
Objectives: opening up the debate about the digital society from the expert to the citizen, while treating the technical and social science aspects of these questions with the rigor and seriousness they deserve.
We are delighted to welcome Michael Riordan of Columbia University as our first Digital Society Fellow. He has been visiting Toulouse in October and November 2013 and his topic were be economic aspects of digital security.
Main Research Themes:
Privacy, Digital security, Digital dissemination of dangerous information, The digital encoding of cultural heritage, Media pluralism, Digital health, Online education, Personal financial services, Digital infrastructure for fighting poverty, Intergenerational conflicts over digital investment, The political and philosophical acceptability of inequality in the digital economy.
5 main types of activity:
  • 1. Policy-oriented inter-disciplinary research. This will draw on fundamental research being done in Toulouse and throughout the world but will emphasize the big picture: what are the implications of digital developments for the evolution of our society?
  • 2. Publication of the research both in peer-reviewed journals and in outlets oriented to a more general readership.
  • 3. Publication of short, non-technical pamphlets setting out the questions for a general audience and providing some of the basic facts and analysis to enable an informed assessment to be made.
  • 4. Conferences and lectures, open to the general public, not just in Toulouse but at a range of venues around the world.
  • 5. Website and social media presence, including forums for discussion of issues raised under 3) and 4).
Membership is open at 3 different levels:
Charter members: mainly corporate sponsors and foundations.
Civil society members: charities and NGOs, public sector bodies.
Partners: organizations contributing expertise and sharing responsibility for some of the activities.
For more information about terms and benefits, please contact us at or
Further information is available in the prospectus of the Digital Society Initiative, downloadable .
We are grateful to the following sponsors who have made the Digital Society Initiative possible.