IAST Multidisciplinary Prize

Two teams won the first IAST Multidisciplinary Prize

The IAST aims at creating bridges between disciplines. To facilitate the cross-disciplinary fertilization, the IAST has launched a prize, which has awarded the best multidisciplinary Research projects.

The first project: "Developmental Origins of Economic Preferences"

The team includes: 

  • from the IAST : Jeanne Bovet, Jonathan Stieglitz and Boris Van Leeuwen
  • and also researchers from other labs:  Gideon Nave (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania), Paul Smeets (Department of Finance, Maastricht University) and Andrew J.O. Whitehouse (Telethon Kids Institute, University of Western Australia)


The second project: "Who Cares? Quadratic Voting for Survey Research"

The team includes:

  • from the IAST : Charlotte Cavaillé and Daniel Chen
  • and also researchers from other labs: Alisha Holland, from Princeton University and David Rothschild at Microsoft Research

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