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Paul Seabright


Ph: +33 5 61 12 86 17
Office: ME

At the IAST we are convinced of the fundamental contribution that philosophers can make to the study of human society.

This contribution can come from fields of philosophy ranging from epistemology (what kind of knowledge can we have about human society?) and meta-ethics (what role does ethical reasoning play in human life?) to areas of enquiry that more directly take on concerns about what principles guide our choices in difficult areas of social and personal life. These approaches might contend with questions like whether there exists a shared human nature that can guide our reasoning and what this shared human nature consists in. Within a field of such breadth and ambition, we seek both to pursue these philosophical questions and to make sense of the role philosophy might have, in conjunction with the social sciences, in best serving our human concerns in realms like public policy and private morality.

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