Encouraging interdisciplinary excellence

IAST strives to create bridges between disciplines. To facilitate cross-disciplinary fertilization, we launched a prize in 2016, in recognition of outstanding multidisciplinary research projects.

Discover the 2019 laureates!

The prize has been awarded to a project entitled “Cognitive and Emotional Processes Behind Susceptibility to Political Misinformation in the US and Nigeria”, proposed by Bence Bago and Leah Rosenzweig.



The committee has also been very impressed by a project entitled “Biological and Psychological Origins of the Varieties of Nationalism: A Dynamic Theory and Lab Experiments”, proposed by Slimane Dridi, Alberto Micheletti, and Saurabh Pant.


Harilanto Razafindrazaka (IAST), Astrid Hopfensitz (IAST), Denis Pierron (AMIS: Laboratoire d’Anthropologie et Imagerie de Synthèse) and Arnaud Tognetti (Division of Psychology, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm)

were awarded for their project:

BLOOD-COOP: a genome wide study of the altruistic motivation of blood donors


Astrid and Harilanto with Paul Seabright, IAST Director

In 2017, the prize was shared between two teams: 

Congratulations to both teams! 

First Project: "Developmental Origins of Economic Preferences"

The first winning team in 2016 included:

from the IAST : Jeanne Bovet, Jonathan Stieglitz and Boris Van Leeuwen

and also researchers from other labs: Gideon Nave (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania), Paul Smeets (Department of Finance, Maastricht University) and Andrew J.O. Whitehouse (Telethon Kids Institute, University of Western Australia)


Second Project: "Who Cares? Quadratic Voting for Survey Research"

The second winning team in 2016 included:

from the IAST : Charlotte Cavaillé and Daniel Chen

and also researchers from other labs: Alisha Holland, from Princeton University and David Rothschild at Microsoft Research