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Jen Shradie

Research Fellow

Jen's research interests are Social Class, Social Media and Social Movements in the areas of Social Stratification and Inequality, Communication and Information Technologies, Labor and Social Movements

Ph: +33 5 61 12 88 76

Sociology is a vast field whose methods (quantitative and qualitative) and object of examination ("society") leave it open to overlap with other Social Sciences. Economics and Sociology in particular frequently examine similar problems, but disciplinary differences in framing and subsequently the language used lead to two rarely converging conversations.

For example, economists might begin an inquiry asking about the robustness of norms to behavior based on the interests of rational agents, whereas sociologists tend to ask what social phenomena causes some people to behave in certain ways. But both may be interested in similar trends and come to remarkably similar conclusions. Extensive work in recent years by economists studying culture, religion, crime and a range of topics traditionally considered sociological, and the increased prominence of Economic Sociology as a subfield which includes the study of institutions and organizations, suggest that former divisions between the disciplines are much less prominent, and indicate likely directions for future research.

At the IAST we look forward to building collaborative research between sociologists, economists and other social scientists on a wide range of questions of importance for the 21st century world.


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